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R I C H A R D  D A N I E L P O U R


c o m p o s e r

“Richard Danielpour is an outstanding composer for any time.”

​ New York Daily News


“There can be no denying Danielpour's gift...”

The Washington Post




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T h e  G r a n d  H o t e l  T a r t a r u s 
W O R L D  P R E M I E R E  M A Y 1 7

Six guests appear at an ornate hotel with no idea how they got there. The gracious and aristocratic hotel manager, Mr. Lucian, promises to fulfill all their earthly desires if they remain. In this new opera by Richard Danielpour, the guests will have one night only to ponder a choice that will affect them for eternity.

May 17 & 19 (Previews)
May 21 & 23 (Performances)
8:00 pm, Freud Playhouse

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R E C E N T   N E W S  &  E V E N T S
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