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Richard Danielpour: Agnus Dei (Golden Bridge)

Live performance of Richard Danielpour's Agnus Dei at The Golden Bridge's 10th Anniversary concert

Richard Danielpour: Triptych Symphony, I. Nell' Inferno (ROCO)

ROCO's 19th season continued November 11th with INFRARED, spotlighting the full chamber orchestra in a program featuring more than the eye can see—including two radiant world premieres commissioned by ROCO.

Richard Danielpour: Breaking the Veil (ROCO, Mei Ann Chen)

Video of performance of Breaking the Veil from ROCO's concert on Oct. 20, 2023

Healing through Music - The Unhealed Wound with Richard Danielpour & Rita Dove

Richard Danielpour and Rita Dove discuss their new work The Unhealed Wound, with behind-the-scenes footage

Bagatelles with Xiayin Wang

Richard Danielpour and pianist Xiayin Wang give a preview and discuss his "Bagatelles" for solo piano.

Conversation wth Danielpour

Richard Danielpour discusses his new work for the Dolce Suono Trio, "Remembering Neda: Trio for Flute, Cello, and Piano," with flutist Mimi Stillman.

 Journey Toward a Season of Peace, Part 1

Composer Richard Danielpour discusses his new work "Toward a Season of Peace" commissioned by Pacific Symphony for their 2012 American Composers Festival celebrating Nowruz.

Souvenirs for Philippe Entremont

Philippe Entremont celebrates his 75th birthday together with the Vienna Chamber Orchestra in the Vienna Konzerthaus.

 Naxos Backstage | Richard Danielpour on Toward the Splendid City

Richard Danielpour discusses composing his piece, Toward the Splendid City, with Naxos.

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Agnus Dei (Live)Danielpour
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P h o t o s

RD with Stefano Greco, Elena Perroni, Danilo Squitieri
RD with John Corigliano and Mark Adamo
RD GHT 05_19
Richard Danielpour with ROCO
Richard Danielpour with JoAnn Falletta
RD with JoAnn Falletta and Connie Ellisor
Danielpour with Suzi Digby, David Norland, Nick Strimple, Bennett Tsai and artists of The
Richard Danielpour with ROCO Artistic Director Alecia Lawyer
Richard Danielpour with three soloists and young composer Quinn Mason
Richard Danielpour with Rita Dove
Richard Danielpour with Rita Dove, Amanda Lynn Bottoms, and Chris Humbert
Rita Dove, In coversation with 1
Richard Danielpour with Passion Cast
Danielpour Giving Insight Seminar
Richard Danielpour w/ Phyzz Berwick
Richard Danielpour congratulating conductor XIan Zhang, with pianist Sara Daneshpour on the premiere
Richard Danielpour, Sara Daneshpour and music director Xian Zheng following the premiere of Carnival
Richard Danielpour with longtime col
Richard Danielpour with Naxos Founde
Shahab Paranj and Richard
Margaret Garner
Layla and the Majnun
Delray String Quartet
Richard with Lisa Pegh
Richard with Thomas Hampson
Richard as a young ballboy for the Yankees with Hank Aaron
Richard and Hank Aaron after the 2007 performance of "Pasttime" by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
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