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Premiere of "Canti Della Natura"

On July 2 and 3 2021, the music festival, Du Vert a L’Infini will present the world premiere of a new work for soprano, violoncello and piano in the Franche Comte region, in France. The new work, CANTI DELLA NATURA , was written by eminent American composer Richard Danielpour, in honor of his friend Nicola Bulgari!s 80th birthday last year .The setting of the text, in Italian is taken from the sonnets that composer Antonio Vivaldi himself wrote to accompany his fameuse

FOUR SEASONS concerti grossi.

Danielpour winner of two Grammys ,will be in attendance at both concerts, and has been living in the Fresnes-Saint Mames since 16 June ,as resident composer of the festival, now in its third year of existence. The first concert will take place on 2 July in Château de Fresnes-Saint Mames, at 7 PM and the second performance will occur at Eglise de Lavoncourt on 3 July at 20:30.

All three of the artists performing the new work will be coming to the festival from Milano ,Italy. Soprano Maria Eleonora Caminada will be accompanied by pianist Alfonso Alberti , and ‘cellist Davide Cocito .


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